Discover Birmingham is a passion project started in the fall of 2012 among those who believe that Birmingham really is a city of magic. We serve to connect you with what’s going on in your city—from concerts to food festivals, gallery openings to fitness opportunities, and all the fun in between, Discover Birmingham is your go-to for what’s going down in town. So, stop by, browse around, and marvel at just exactly what there is to do in the Magic City.

Antwon Ervin– Lead Collaborator
facebook_2060274169Antwon has lived in the Magic City his entire life and has always been passionate about Birmingham. This project is his attempt to inspire a city’s awareness to its underrated greatness! He enjoys exploring and finding new things to experience, so come along for the journey as he answers the question “What’s so great about Birmingham?” He can be reached at AE@discoverbirmingham.org He is currently seeking a Business Management  degree so prayers are welcome!


Jamie McFaden –Food/Health writer

Jamie graduated magna cum laude from UAB in 2010 with a degree in creative writing. Birmingham, Alabama, holds a particular significance for her as it is the city where she met her life partner. Birmingham is also the city that produces her favorite beer—a beautiful union of porter and peanut butter, Beer Engineers Leadbelly Porter. A self-described Pure Barre bunhead, Jamie enjoys writing, working out, reading, and cooking. She can’t whistle or snap, and much to the chagrin of her mother, she almost always swallows her gum.

A.J. Wright-History writer

AJWPhotoA.J. Wright has worked in the UAB School of Medicine since 1983. His publications include a number of articles about Alabama history or medical history. Some stuff related to Alabama history and culture can be found on his twitter feed at @AJWright31 In his spare time he is personal servant to three cats.He blogs on various history topics at Alabama Yesterdays He can be reached at wrightaj21@gmail.com


Ali Kendrick– Videographer/Writer

Ali Kendrick is a graduate of UAB, majoring in broadcasting in 2010. Mainly working as freelance, she took last year off to do The World Race, an 11-countries-in-11-months trip where she served with local organizations and ministries in each country. Back in the States now, she is involved with local community. She loves to write and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and ultimate frisbee. To hear more about her World Race, you can visit her blog at alikendrick.theworldrace.org or to see what’s going on now, check out rufuskendrick.wordpress.com


Orlando Thompson– Videographer/Director/Videographer Video Editor

I am Orlando, a commercial director and pro photographer living in the United States, but not confined to the United States. I started making movies in 2001 and I have loved it ever since. Most recently I spent two years in Qatar working at a new  museum called Mathaf, where I played a crucial role in building the visual identity of the museum through video, images and design. See more of my work here.